2022 Grand Master Chocolatier

With creative ambition, our vision and unyielding pursuit of redefining luxury chocolates commenced in 2013. We source the highest-grade cocoa available worldwide from farmers that employ sustainable practices, are Fair Trade Certified™ and set social responsibility standards. Our proprietary blend of Colombian and Belgian cocoa allows us to highlight the natural nuances from these elite chocolate regions. Our uncompromising commitment to curated ingredients accentuate the essence of European handcrafted chocolates.

Panache Chocolatier was honored by the International Chocolate Salon as a premier artisan chocolatier in 2018. Praised for our innovative entries, we achieved Master Chocolatier honors in 2019, as well as Best Chocolatier and Confectioner in America. We are heralded for our continuing pursuit of achievements and awards and have been honored as a six star Grand Master Chocolatier in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

From Julie,

"We create our artisanal chocolates one piece at a time with unwavering attention to detail. From the conception of flavors and the selection of the finest ingredients to the final finishing touches, our chocolates are crafted to amaze and delight. Our passion, along with our unyielding dedication, creates an incomparable experience that redefines luxury chocolates." Enjoy!

— Julie House, owner & grand master chocolatier

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