2022 Grand Master Chocolatier

January is one of our favorite months at Panache. After weeks of the holiday rush the Plaza is generally a bit quieter and slower paced than in December but the Christmas lights still glow bright. It is also the time of much needed rest and rejuvenation. 

We take this quieter time to focus on the new year and in the development of new chocolates. Being able to take time to open up our creativity, be adventurous and play is a welcome relief to the long hours of the previous weeks. We also look forward to this time of experimentation, turning our kitchen into a test food lab--taking simplistic ingredients and pairing with unexpected flavors that lead to the next hit. 

None of the newest creations can be presented without going through our tasting process. An insider tip is if you time it right over these next few weeks you can help us determine this years newest chocolates. Come by soon… 

Coming up next …Valentine’s Day…a time of wine and roses.

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